Please Fence Me In


Normally, I am not so much of a fence kinda girl, but that was until I saw this fab Concrete Wood Modern Fence set from GOOSE.  It is a stunner and will lift your property from from 'so-so' to 'so awesome!' in a few clicks of a button.  It is easy to assemble and comes with the lovely gate and door lamp so that it looks great during the day and at night.  It was at Cosmopolitan but you can go straight to the mainstore and grab it there.

The Deco Potting Table you can see here is from EED and I was so excited to receive this to blog right before I was going to take this photo.  It fitted in perfectly and is an easy rez with all the items you see here.  I love the cat on the top and the 'give peas a chance' sign.  Lovely. This is a new release that you can get from the EED store.

The gorgeous house in the background is at Uber and is from Trompe Loeil.  It is the super stunning Cydney Modern Poolhouse and has a pool up on the roof that has loads of animations for your swimming and lounging needs.  It comes in both a PG and Adult version so you can pick which best suits your needs.  Tomorrow I will show you the furniture you can also get to go with.

Other Items:
Ariskea- [Corine] Chrysanthemum [Orange] (Saturday Sale)
The Looking Glass - Daisies and Ladybirds
Apple Fall - Whitehall Pathway

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