Are we really happy here
With this lonely game we play?
Looking for words to say
Searching but not finding understanding anywhere
We're lost in a masquerade
George Benson  - This Masquerade

The theme at Twe12ve is Masquerade so you will find plenty of goodies for the dance, prom, ball or just to look fab at home!  It is also a birthday round so you know what that means...

Backdrop:  Image Essentials - Masquerade Backdrop (Twe12ve)
Pose:  Image Essentials - Masquerade Poses (Twe12ve)
Hair:  Astrology: Gabriella Revival ~ Essentials [Wear me]
Gown and Mask:  Midnyte Creations - Masquerade gown black (Twe12ve)
Jewellery:  Meva - Vivy Set (Fameshed)


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