Dem Bones


The skellingtons have some out to play and dine. Better than being bone idle I guess.  I find it humerus watching them rattle down slides and find out whose bones are the lightest on the see-saw.  These, of course, are very hip skellingtons and choose their cat friends to dine with.  I think it is nice that they have people to hang out with or they would have no body at all.

Today there are not too many of them, just a skeleton crew.  I am glad of that as the noise they make when there are too many is just deafening.

And what, you may ask, are they eating?  Well, not ribs, I can tell you!  They tend to stay away from liquids too as they just go straight through them, which is not at all pleasant.

Skeletons:  MOoH! -  Skeletons Gacha (The Gacha Life)
Kittens:  MOoH! - Black Kitten Gacha (Driftwood  Oct 5 - Nov 5)
Big Trees:  Little Branch - Grafitti Banyan Tree {Animated} *4Seasons
Little Shrubs:  Little Branch - Southern Magnolia Shrub {Animated} *4Seasons

I am breaking all my rules today and doing two photos.  This is mainly because this table is too awesome to not show in a close-up.  It is the Spooky Dining Set from CHEZ MOI which can be found at this month's round of The Liaison Collaborative.

"Each chair comes with 30 animations plus 5 animations special for toddlers.  The placemat comes with 6 dishes. Touch the plate to display the meal menu."

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