Autumn Camping


I feel like a bit of a hypocrite when I do photos of camping scenes because, as you may know if you have read this blog for a while, I hate camping in all shapes and forms.  However, when it comes to SL camping I am fine because...well, look at this gorgeous scene.  The furniture and decor are awesome and I could see myself toasting marshmallows by the fire and dining at the picnic table under the stars.  In SL there are no creepy crawlies, mosquitoes, plumbing issues or hard mattresses to contend with.  It is all the nice parts and none of the bad.

CHEZ MOI - Gacha Woodeland - Branch Light Pole, Succulents 1-3, Woodland Apple Kart, Woodland Campfire, Woodland Log Deer, Woodland Picnic Table, Woodland Log Chairs, Viking Tent Seed of Inspiration (Gacha Garden)
GOOSE - Hay wagon ADULT (Cosmopolitan)
Serenity Style - Lex Autumn Outhouse (Liaison Collaborative)
Little Branch - Grafitti Banyan Tree {Animated}*4Seasons

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