Dangerous and Soft

Yesterday was all pink and fluffy, but somehow I didn't trust her.  Today's lovely lady gives off the harsh vibe, but I think underneath she is mushy.  She is carrying a bunny for goodness sake!  How mean can she be?  The one with the whip scared me more. 

Is it just me or is that bunny just asking to be cuddled?  He is sooo cute. 

Oh, and while you are visiting this sim, go and check out the rooms in the hotel.  NO!  Not for that.  Mind out of the gutter.  Let's just say the rooms are very interesting...

Outfit:  Wicca's Originals - Beatrix Outfit & Boots (ROMP)
Hair:  Doe - Arianna - Blondes
Bunny:  pr!tty - Bunny - {Holdable}
Sim: Furillen


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