Outside the Chalet


The title says it all really.  Today we are outside of The Chalet which is the rare in The Winter Chalet Set from 22769 at the Christmas round of The Arcade. Phew!  That was a mouthful to write and say.

I have displayed it among some items from a variety of different stores, so make sure you check out the credits below if you spot something you like.  What am I saying?  You are going to want all of it, so checking out the credits will save you time and energy!

Path:  GOOSE - Snowy Sidewalks (Tannebaum)
Truck:  Serenity Style- Holidays Car (Uber)
Snowy Rocks: EED's - Wintergarden Patch (Advent Calendar Item)
Santa Scene:  EED's - Santa Scene (Advent Calendar Item)
Flowers:  The Looking Glass - Winter's Love Frost Flowers
Furniture:  Apple Fall - Lily Wicker Sofa and Chair - White (Sale)
Fire:  EED's - Outdoor Fireplace (Advent Calendar Item)

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