Help Needed

Today I am all about loving my neighbour.  In this instance, my neighbour is Australia.  The horror of the fires happening there at present, breaks my heart.  Not only are people losing homes, livelihoods and even loved ones, but the nation as a whole is also losing its amazing animals.  Australia has such diverse wildlife and these horrendous fires have affected a huge number of species of animals, including koalas and kangaroos. 

Surviving Hell - Australian Bushfire Wildlife Benefit is an event where designers and creators are donating items to be sold to raise money for the Australian Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The money will be used to support this organisation in helping and caring for injured animals affected by the fires. 

Please visit this event and know that your money is helping a worthy cause.

Pose Prop:  Image Essentials - Thirsty Kangaroo (Surviving Hell)

Shorts:  -ADI- Madrid laced up shorts blue (SWANK)
Top:  -ADI- Sevilla ruffled top blue (SWANK)
Hair: pr!tty - Jennie  (Saturday Sale)
Boots:  Razor/// - Insulated Junkers - Bane - Brown
Jeep:  Serenity Style - Military 4x4  Desert


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