As promised, here is the post that is not home and garden.  I know I said it would be fashion and it is.  It is more artistic, than frilly, but you know me well enough by now to understand that things are never simple when it comes to my posts and photos.  Anyway, I love it.  It is moody and could be taken in so many ways.  It is also pretty but a little scary at the same time. 

Suits me.

Mask:  Wicca's Originals - Phantom Mask
Tattoo:  Juna: Nam tattoo - Woman (SWANK)
Lipstick:  :::WILD:::Makeup Studio Sucree Lips (SWANK)
Scar: . MILA . - Scars Of Battle (Saturday Sale)
Hair:  Magika - Hair - Nina
Pose:  FOXCITY - All Nighter (Saturday Sale)


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