The Crystal

Tucked away in a little spot lies the crystal and no one knows who put it there, what it is for or where it came from.  It simply has always been. 

The only thing that is known is that it is a strange place where mystery and tales of magic surround it.  Locals warn their children to treat the area in which it stands with respect and there is many a cautionary tale to back up their claims of children that go missing and are found many years later still the same age as when they left, if they ever return at all.

[HarshLands] - The Binding Crystal - Snowy (SWANK)
Little Branch - Oak Shrub Tree {Animated}*4Seasons
Little Branch - Lycium Tree{Animated}*4Seasons
Little Branch - Zelkova Serrata {Animated}*4Seasons (Cosmopolitan)
Little Branch - Grass 1l {Winter}


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