Actually there are two ducks.  Their names are Mr Duckerson and Ms Duckworth.  I am hoping they will have some little ducklings.  Not right now though cos ewwww.  This is not that kind of blog thank you very much.

How are you all doing out there in isolation land?  I hope you are all safe and well.  I am staying home to keep others safe and well too.  I like to think of myself as a hero.

But not like the nurses, doctors, ambulance staff and all those supermarket workers and frontline workers.  THEY are the heroes.

Serenity Style - Meryland Entry Table (Belle)
{what next} - Summer Garden Planter
tarte. - workspace stool
ACORN - Hanging Apron -Utensils
JIAN - Pekin Duck :: Static Duck - Looking and Walking
ACORN - Bicycle with Sunflower -Peacock
crate - Octagon Wall Shelf


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