Formal Tea for Two


Yesterday's garden was chaotic and magical.  Today's garden is a more orderly, but no less magical in a different sense of the word.  I can see myself here, sipping coffee or tea and enjoying a biscuit or two in the sun.

I am happy creating garden scenes, but I do promise that I will give you a break tomorrow with a fashion post!  Is a great wee number too!

Serenity Style - Windalyn Spring Gazebo (Wanderlust)
*CHEZ MOI - Alice Patio Set - Armchairs,  Accent Table, Roll Cake, Coffee, Double Topiary Ball (Cosmopolitan)

Kaerri - Cloister Set - Arch Row, Pink Daisy Round Garden Bed, Cloister Statue Stand, White  Hollyhock 1, Lemon Tree, Pink Daisy Long Garden Bed, Paving Slabs, Strawberry Planter, Lavender Planter 1, Pink Daisy Square Garden, White Daisy Round Garden Bed,  Hanging Plant, Sundial, White Anemone Border

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