So, Aryland has joined the number of countries that will have its people in isolation by midnight Wednesday (Aryland time).  How did I prepare today?

Well, I had to finish work and say goodbye to everyone.  Pretty emotional to be honest.  Then I came home and set up my new workspace.  Sat in there for a while answering emails and sorting out some work stuffs.

Then I had lunch, made myself a coffee and have settled down for a break on SL.

It struck me that often people say that SL is anti-social and that RL contact is much better.  Oh how the tide has turned.  SL is now my social place!

Anyway, in SL I found a nice people-free place to take this pic.  I hope the people don't mind me tap dancing on their roof.

Outfit:  *Gloss* Naomi Top + Skirt #1 (#hashtag)
Necklace:  [: Kawaii Couture :] Candy Collar V1 Tiara (Candyland)
Hair:  .Olive. - the Lulu Hair
Pose:  Le Poppycock - A certain something (from Strawberry Sky A Pack)
Face Items:  #POHUI - Kawai face accessorise set
Sim: Garrigua


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