Cover Your Mouth

This is a Covid-19 announcement:  When you need to cough, do it into the crook of your arm and not into your hands.  Also wash your hands regularly and STAY AT HOME!

Tomorrow is Day 14 of my lockdown.  The Māori people use the word 'rāhui' which means to restrict or prohibit.  At present we are at home and are only allowed out to get groceries, seek medical help or supplies and for exercise in our neighbourhood.  I am working from home.  I am only allowed to have contact with the people in my 'bubble'.  They are the people in my house.  That is it.  I am doing okay and settling into this new normal.  I feel safe and I am sticking to the rules.

I hope you are okay and sticking to the rules too.  Stay at home and save lives!

And do NOT cough on people.  That is gross and extremely dangerous. 

Sweater:  "Freda" - Mina Statement Sweater Dark  (Evil Bunny Hunt)
Hat/Hair:  Moon. Hair // - Blondes - Catsy (Saturday Sale)
Gumboots:  Mug - Clarabelle Rainboots (Saturday Sale)
Necklace:  Boom Kitty! - 'Baby Girl' Heart Necklace (Underdog Event)
Mask:  D-Tori - *Nokta* Clinic Mask
Pose:  [KoKoLoReS] - Umbrella! Pose Pack II
Sim:  Rainy Alley


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