Like a Dream

Ever wake up and wonder if you are still sleep and that this is all a strange dream where everything seems so real and yet it is all so unexpected?  That is how I am feeling at the moment.  Life is so bizarre, it is what it is and so we just have to get on with making the best of it.

Here are some positives from being in lockdown:

  • I don't have to drive to work.
  • I don't have to leave for work at 7am
  • I can make snacks whenever I want
  • I am comfortable and warm
Count your blessings, peeps.

Shirt:  Meva - Lonie Blouse (Fameshed)
Pose:  {NANTRA} One More Rainy Day (Liaison Collaborative)
Skin:  [7 Deadly Skins] - BODY 2020 ANTOINETTE skin applier CARAMEL (Designer Showcase)
Earrings and Ring:  Velika Rituals - Eostra Set (Ostara's Altar)
Necklace:  Boom Kitty! - 'Baby Girl' Heart Necklace (The Underdog Event)
Nails:  VENGE - Maitreya - 'Stiletto Nail' Starter Set (The Underdog Event)
Hair:  pr!tty - Krista 


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