Oasis of Green

I am soooooo (breathe) ooooooo excited to start showing you items from the Fantasy Faire.  It has begun and I took about a week just to sort all the goodies in to some semblance of order so I could start planning my blogging. 

Of course, I still have other items to show you so they will be integrated into the posts or in between Fantasy Faire related ones.

Today I have a gorgeous item from GOOSE to show you that was just perfect for this scene made up of Fantasy Faire items.  I will not be pulling this down in a hurry!

GOOSE - Hanging garden bed ADULT
The Looking Glass - Lunafae - Blessing Stone In the Darkness, Hydrangea Urn, FF Tree 1 and 2, Garden Path Edge 2 and 3, Wheelbarrow Lounger, Sleepy Fae Mushroom Circle Large an Small, Long Hedge, Queen Anne's Lace Urn, Rose Urn (Fantasy Faire)
Color Alchemists - Memorial Tree with lights and Animated fawn (Fantasy Faire)


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