Shower Time

I dislike sand quite a lot so I am glad this shower is here so I can get it all off my body.  I swear that I could just walk onto the beach and somehow I would be covered in sand and it would get in places it shouldn't.  Ergh!

After my shower I am going to sit and enjoy a martini or some other cool beverage.  Perfect.  Stay away, sand!

Note:  I don't normally do fashion and home & garden together, but this one called for a showerer!

Serenity Style- Adan Outdoor Shower [ADULT], Adan Bath Stool (MAN CAVE)
Little Branch - Royal Palm Trees - v2 and v3{Animated}(Vintage Fair)
[Park Place] - Naples Sand - Chair - Pink, Table - Pink, Adirondack Chair - Seagreen, Umbrella - Seagreen/Pink (SWANK)
Sources - NESAND (Cosmopolitan)

Bikini:  :::WILD::: She Badd Bikini (SWANK)


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