A Quiet Place

This is a quiet place, a safe space to retreat from the world.  There is no TV news here, no social media and no talking about politics or Covid-19.  It is about relaxing and you can take your pick of places to do that.

You can climb into the Dream Pod from GOOSE and hide away alone or with a special friend.  There are animations and poses for all of these options and you can change the colour to suit. Go and try it out at the GOOSE mainstore, but please keep it seemly!

You can relax on the Porto Patio Loungers from CHEZ MOI and enjoy a drink in the shade.  This set is available in adult or PG, so you can pick depending on what you require.  Both loungers have tons of poses for single men and women, cuddles with a loved one and, of course, more mature poses in the adult version.  You can also change the texture with the hud.  Simple as!  You can find this fab set over at Access.

Or you can hang out in the Moonlight Harbor from Serenity Style.  There are animations for singles, cuddles and adult friends.  I am currently enjoying sitting on the edge of the deck area looking at the view.  Go and have a go yourself at Uber

Speaking of the view, I am also enjoying these great rose planters and Naughty Cherubs from EED Home & Garden.  The fab Time For Us Clock arch and bench are also from EED.  


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