Fancy a Dip?

SWANK is open and ready for you to swarm through the doors!  Fashion, accessories, shoes, hair, poses, and home & garden items galore.  Today I am sharing some of their summer themed outdoor items from Dreamland Designs and Laminak.  

The Dreamland Designs Hanakapai Pool Set comes with the pool, plants, pool toys and surrounding furniture.  It is simple to rez and place wherever you want it too. There are plenty of animations to have you enjoying your pool time, with the pool, pool toys and chairs all containing fun sits and splashing!

The cushions and torches at the front are from Laminak.  The cushions are from the Candy Colours Pack, but you can also get the Autumn, Boho or Leaf cushion sets.  The torches are  Petal Tiki Torch Large in Wrought Iron.

The trees are all from Little Branch and are NOT at SWANK.  The gorgeous Orange Trees are at the front and you can find them at Equal10.  The Walnut Trees are surrounding the pool.  They are season change ones and can be nabbed at Uber. 


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