Christmas Has Dropped


I can't believe it is November and I am already showing Christmas and winter items.  Where were they a week ago when I was doing my BOSL article?

I have items from so many of my fav stores and events to show you today.   I am very excited to see what they are going to produce between now and Christmas day.  Such fun!

CHEZ MOI - Inflatable Santa Truck (Tannenbaum)

CHEZ MOI - Off Road Red Car (The Gacha Garden)

GOOSE - Abandoned winter shack (Tannenbaum)

Serenity Style - Falkland Hot Cocoa Gacha  (Equal10)

Little Branch - Black Oak Tree{Animated}4Seasons*Giant (The Liaison Collaborative)

{what next} - Icy Paving Stones - Snowflake

{Your Dreams}- Santa's Funny 

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