An Entrance

This is the entrance to my house.  It is actually on the end of the kitchen and you will see more of it in February's Best of SL Magazine.  I am loving my new place and I especially love the loft terrace where I get to climb out a window to get to it!  The house is Scarlet Creative's  Ana Loft and I am using the ground version, but there is also a skybox one if you se desire.

I am also showing off some items from Serenity Style today, as you can see.  

Serenity Style - Aurora Shelves

Serenity Style - Let your imagination fly

Serenity Style - Blue Winter Entry Set (The Liaison Collaborative)

tarte. - paisley greenery basket

Muniick - Devil's Ivy in Ceramic Planter

Scarlet Creative - Love Carriage Chair, Annan Rug


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