Boho Beauty

I have some boho beauties from SWANK today.  They have a bit of a theme going on and so you will notice it in the home & garden items as well as the fashion goodies.  I am loving the variety and ideas from the fab designers at SWANK.

[Park Place] - Decorative Firewood Tin, Botanical Window Frame, Briar Crate Shelf Set, Briar Rattan Lounge - A - Boho Gold and Boho Orange, Briar Shelf w/Hanging Plants, "Windows" Wall Art, Spring Planter - Pink/White, Braided Fringed Throw Rugs -Sunshine and Teal (SWANK)

!Lyrical B!zarre Templates! - Monstera Vase, Potted Monstera (SWANK)

Decor Junction - Old Rustic Dresser (Uber Hometown)

Scarlet Creative - Mayakoba Resort 0.2


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