Don't Panic


I am panicking a little bit.  I don't have my towel.  Any minute Vogons could pick me up and I would not have my towel.  I am waiting for a store to open so I can go buy a towel. I will just stand here and be super quiet until that happens.  I am hoping for the best.

Also, if nothing I said makes sense, please go and read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.  Right now!  Go!

WAIT!  STOP!  You need to read this post and go to SWANK first, then go buy the book.

Jeans:  GAS - [Low Waist Capri Jeans Match- 10 Colors w/HUD] (SWANK)

Top:  GAS - [Top Merle - 10 Colors w/HUD FATPACK w/HUD] (SWANK)

Jewellery:  !Indulge Temptation! - Pinwheel Set (SWANK)

Nails:  .:: Stunner Originals ::. Bento Nails Mesh Ballerina Long Essential (SWANK)

Skin:  [7 Deadly Skins] - BODY 2020 TEMPER bom skin CARAMEL

Shoes:  : CULT : Eden with HUD (Saturday Sale)

Hair:  Lamb. Mod - Light Blonde Pack

Pose:  Diversion - Leaning  (Happy Weekend)

Backdrop:  .PALETO. - Backdrop:. DON'T PANIC (Saturday Sale)

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