Let There Be Lights


I have put way too many lights in this photo, but I am really liking it.  I like pretty lights.  I would like some in my RL house.

[Dictatorshop] - PARAGON Chairs, Treasured - Dresser with doors, Treasured - Shelf Wide (SWANK)

Enchanted Fantasy - Falling Starlight Lights (SWANK)

MOoH! - Vintage shabby rectangle rug 

ChiMia:: - Fabric Bound Books - Patterned 1 & 2

Mithral * - Humidifier Plant Shelf - Natural

Muniick: Small Snake Plant in Rustic Metal Pot

floorplan. - letterboard / friday

Scarlet Creative - Darcy Plant, Zanzibar Hideaway

Nutmeg. - Decor Tray

ReKa. - Magazines Stack 

MudHoney - Teardrop Sconce

.:YouNeed:. - Candlelight Fullset

Fancy Decor: Dome Floor Lamp

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