Not Just Yet

I know I have done a couple of posts with snow, but autumn is not quite done; not just yet.  Soon, but I felt like we needed one more reminder of the beauty and colours of this fabulous season. 

I had fun putting this scene together and ignoring the snow-covered land where my house resides. 

Swank & Co. - Autumn Fawn Scene Animated, Autumn Harvest Mailbox - Animated, Autumn Leaves Hanging Lantern, Autumn Pumpkins In the Air Hanging Lantern (SWANK)

Useless Addiction - Fall Festy (SWANK)

Blueberry Patch ~ Harvest Corner ver2** (SWANK)

The Looking Glass - Fall Harvest - Rose Urn with Flowers, Rose Urn with Pumpkins, Rose Urn with Vine, Fall Harvest Hanging Basket V1

tarte. - falling leaves 


  1. Congratulations on winning LTD's Pick of the Day with your "Not Just Yet" compilation!


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