Bed and Books


I have a bed and I have books.  What else does a girl need?  Coffee, cats, cinnamon rolls... Okay, but I have the essentials to begin with.  The other stuff I can have someone bring to me.  This will get me started on the path of a good day.

CHEZ MOI - Tuftytime Bedroom Set (Access Event)

Decor Junction/Shutter Field - Vintage Bench 

{what next} - Radiator (CozyFest)

MOoH! - Vintage shabby rectangle rug 

KraftWork - Projecto Wall Photos

{moss&mink} - Blankets and Books basket

Mithral - Rounded Wall Planter 

tarte. - piece of my heart

Tentacio - weekend time. Hair dryer

[Park Place] - Olive Tree Potted Plant

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