Yes, the snowman is touching my butt.  He also has a weird smile on his face that I am very worried about. But, more on that later.

A few years back I made a rule about mixing my home & garden and fashion pics.  A designer, very rightly, didn't like a combo I had made as they felt it didn't give full attention to one genre.  

It is very rare that I break that rule but today is going to be one of them as I wanted to show you the poses in this set and also my clothes just worked with the whole look so there.  Excuses made and off we go.

There are some fab poses (single M and F, and Love) in this set that are just perfect for chilling with the horses!  I rezzed the PG version. If you rez the Adult version, please cover the horses' eyes. 

Update:  The snowman is still touching my butt and I am contemplating snapping some twigs...

CHEZ MOI - Winter Northmount Farm (Cosmopolitan)

Loordes of London - Bow Longsleeve Dress 15 (SWANK)

Loordes of London - Bow Lace up Boots 15 (SWANK)

TRUTH - Meadow - Essential (Last week's FLF)


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