I am keeping company with the foxes.  One is an Arctic Fox and the other is a Fennec Fox.  Both are gorgeous and I love them.  I am also chatting to a squirrel.  He mostly talks about acorns but he seems nice.  

It is snowing and I am happy with the animals.  I wish real life was like this.  I would hang out with the animals all the time.  I would go full Doolittle. 

Jacket:  Vulnus - Accusatio Jacket (SWANK)

Jeans:  MOoH! - Josie jeans Blue Hud (1/2 Price Special - 99L - Jan 21st-Feb 3rd)

Hair:  . Doe - Page . Flux 

Mask:  ::C'est la vie !:: Face Mask 02 - Plaid (CozyFest Gift)

Scarf:  Entice - Sparks Scarf (CozyFest Gift)

Gloves:  friday - Slouchy Mittens - Dots Mint/Blush (CozyFest Gift)

Pose:  Secret Poses - Foxy

Sim:  Echo Ridge

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