Rock Jumping

Jumping from rock to rock, rock skimming, and enjoying the view.  It is stunning here in Everlong.  I have been watching the ice skaters and wandering the snowy paths. So many places for photos. I have done some here before and I will be back for more!

I have been wearing this outfit around for a few days while I was doing home & garden pics, so I thought I better get the photo done to show it to you all! That means you get to enjoy it as much as I do!

Outfit:  GGVG - Dark Grey Rain Coat and Pant & Top (SWANK)

Hair/Hat:  Wasabi - Yelena Beret Ed. Hair (FLF)

Boots:  [WAZ] - Trail Boots (Grey Leather) 

Pose:  FOXCITY - Short Walk

Sim:  Everlong


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