Have I finished with snowy pictures and scenes?  No.  No, I have not. I am holding on for a wee bit longer or until our gardener changes the sim.  Every time I see him I wonder what he us up to.  I look to see if he has his overalls on because that is when I know he is changing things for the new season ahead.  Is it wrong that I shoot things at him when he rezzes onto the sim?  Yes?  Oh...my bad.

While I put myself into time out you can enjoy this house and outdoor furniture from Trompe Loeil.  It is the Kjersti Kjersti Beach Cottage + Kitchenette and the Trompe Loeil - Kjersti Couch & Chair Set.  You can find them both at Uber.  Go for a wander around the demo.

Little Branch - Black Walnut Tree {Animated}4Seasons

(Fundati) - Sarcobatus, Stone Vases


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