Avec des Bottes

I am in Paris with my new boots and I plan to wear them in by shopping up a storm.  Another wonderful thing about SL is that there will be no blisters to worry about! These boots are made for walking and admiring without the pain!

The boots are from MEVA and I am loving them.  So stylish!  Also, with the hud, I can alter the colours to suit any outfit I am wearing which makes them very versatile!

Right now, though, I am going to walk these boots to a café and order un café au lait s'il vous plaît. Au revoir.

Boots:  Meva - Lauren Boots (Access)

Dress:  Dark Intentions -  Skull Candy Bunny Dress (Ostara's Altar)

Hair:  ALANTORI - Doria Hair 

Pose:  Repose - Retail Therapy (closed store)

Sim:  Paris City


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