Don't Touch


You may sit on the furniture, but please don't touch the plants.  They are prickly as hang.  I would also tuck your arms in when you sit just to be safe.

It is also the last few days of SWANK, so make sure you sprint on over and have a look!

ORCHARD HOUSE - Willow Love Seat, Willow Sofa, Rug - Blended Brown Stripes - Brandy Leather, ART - Matisse Coral - Umber Frame (SWANK)

[Park Place] - Ingrid Chaise - Dark (SWANK)

Useless Addiction - Desert Grown - Prickly Pear Cactus, Pear Cactus Green, Red Thorn Orange, Succulence Cactus, Pear Cactus Blue, Spiral Cactus, Barrel Cactus Yellow, Barrel Cactus Purple, Gecko (SWANK)

[ SQUARE ] - Zen Coffeetable 

CHEZ MOI - Cactus Terracotta

FINCA - Wooden round floor lamp - brown steel, Wooden round hanging lamp - brown steel

Mithral * Humidifier Plant Shelf (Natural)

ReKa. - Moodboard / 1 (Group Gift)

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