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I am loving this gorgeous Amalfi Gazebo from Scarlet Creative.  It is way too nice to be inside.  I am quite happy out here under the trees with the breeze and sun on me while I cook and eat.  You are most welcome to come over for a glass of wine and some tapas!  I also have cheese.  Is this tempting you?

StoraxTree - Prickly Puss B Planter C15, Prickly Puss C Planter B7 exclusive (SWANK)

Simple Reflections -  Bell & Clsd Bskt Hanging Lamps, Macrame Swiss Monstera Plant, Macrame Pothos Plant (SWANK)

!Lyrical B!zarre Templates! - KnickKnack Shelf - Textured (SWANK)

Scarlet Creative - Amalfi Table, Amalfi Kitchen Wall, Alexander Mantle Clutter, Campbell Bench, Campbell Vintage Scale, Monteverde Rug - Circle Blue, White Summer Chair, Wood Summer Chair

Mithral * Rounded Wall Planter (Color Pack), Humidifier Plant Shelf (Natural)

Nutmeg. - Enamel Kitchenware, Cherry Tin

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