Scootering with Bruce

Here I am scootering with a cat called Bruce.  I named him after Bruce Banner, not because he is green but because he is hulky.  He is also great at smashing stuff.  If people ask me if he is named after Bruce Wayne, I reply with, "No, he kills bats."  That shuts them up.

Bruce and I are currently up here on this cool platform in the sky wondering how we got the scooter up here.  Bruce thinks it was a time reality distortion.  I am going with quantum fluxuations.  I suspect we are both wrong or both right.  

Top:  GAS - Halter Top Courtney - 11 Colors w/HUD FATPACK (SWANK)

Shorts:  Fatal Fashion -  Original - Shorts Jeans Lolla (SWANK)

Backdrop:  The Bearded Guy - Branca Sky Backdrop (SWANK)

Pose:  Fashiowl - Wilson 

Hair:  Wasabi // Rio Hair - Blondes

Bracelets:  Meva  - Noelle 

Plants:  {what next} - Paradise House Plants 


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