Witchin' Hour


Something wicked this way comes.  

Oh wait...no...it is just me.  I am trick or treating.  I decided to get in early before the rush.  I will say that the villagers do not seem well prepared for my arrival.  Perhaps they did not get the candy in because, when they open the door to my knock, there is a lot of screaming and running away.  *Sniff* Rude.

My cat is getting quite upset at all the kerfuffle.  Poor Brian.

Dress and Hat:  La Feminique - Hilda Fatpack (SWANK)

Stockings:  Fatal Fashion - Original - Stocking Love Dark  (SWANK)

Pose:  {NanTra} - Trick or Treat

Hair:  Opale . - Linda Hair [Blond]

Sim:  The Shambles

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