Brought to You by the Letter C


Today's post is brought to you by the letter 'C'. We have Christmas, cats, chocolate, cocoa, cards, cupboards, cookies, and cups. coffee? *PANIC!*

Oh, there is?  Whew.  Crisis averted. 

Now, off you go.  There is a lot of shopping to do here.

LouChara - Hot Chocolate Bar

{what next} - Winter Wall Gallery (white frames) w/lights (Gullswing Christmas Village Free Gift), Christmas Wall Collage 

Serenity Style - Cute Gingerbread Figure - Red Sweater, Cute Gingerbread Figure - Gift 2 (The Arcade)

Serenity Style - Vintage Farmers Christmas Set - Christmas sled decor, Vintage Christmas Potted Tree (Farmers Market)

22769 - Christmas Coffee

Bricolage - Meriweather High Back Chair PG

Atelier Burgundy - Greetings Card Clutter (Saturday Sale)

FINCA - Cardboard houses green

[Dope+Mercy] - Mr Cat - White (Happy Weekend)

DISORDERLY. / Merry Catmas / Lights, Merry Catmas / Cards

DaD - "Les Memoires Covered Sofa Christmas Ed." 

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