Picnic by the Fire

There is nothing nicer on a cold winter's night than having a picnic by the fire.  There are just so many benefits.

1.  It is easy to cook because you are close to the kitchen.

2.  It is warm by the fire.

3.  If you want more, you just go and get it.

4.  There are no ants.

5.  You can watch TV while you eat.

I don't see any downside to be honest.  

LouChara - Wintertide Complete Set (SWANK)

.: RatzCatz :. Leafy Christmas Tree (SWANK)

Sparrow's Nest - Country Classic 2 Tone Nut (SWANK)

Fantasy Illumination - Christmas Deer v-1 1 (SWANK)

Blueberry Patch - Christmas Pillows (SWANK)

{what next} - Soup & Sandwich (wood) V1/V2, Christmas Blend Cocoa 

Trompe Loeil - Wyndale Lodge


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