Aryaland is in this photo.  You can actually see it.  Sometimes it gets missed out on maps, which is kinda okay with us.  It means we can stay hidden and just get on with things. 

More importantly, I am sharing this awesome skybox from Scarlet Creative with you today and I have filled it with some new furniture from all over the place.

Scarlet Creative - Saturday Refresh Skybox, FURNITURE PACK: Sienna Sectional Sofa, Sienna Marble Coffee Table, Brooklyn Plant, Cotswold Vintage Medium Shelf - Rustic, Painswick Book Piles, Karlek Wall Art, Barton Maps, Simple Wood Dining Table, Barton Rug, Great Elm Chair White and Gold,  Love Apples Cake Large

*Hawker's House* - Elemental Industrial Cabinet Thorium

StoraxTree - Candyshop Fabric Flowers A12, Candyshop Vase B12, 

FARMHOUSE - Slouchy Ottoman 

Fantasy Illumination - Calla Love Lamp - Wall Decor  v-2

Serenity Style - Lincoln Set (UBER)

Black . Sand - Plant I

[Merak] - Pop Of Color:  Modernism Frames, (Happy Weekend)

KAZZA - BytheSeaWorldPanel 

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