Tea and Doughnuts

I am feeling all chocolatey today so the décor and furniture are matching my mood.  I am just lucky that {what next} has these delicious looking Fall Doughnuts for me to nom on while I work.  I can also pretend I am being healthy by having a nice cup of tea with those.  Not herbal though.  Ick.  

I am excited to show you some pieces from Erfe Design today and proud to add them to the list of stores and events that I blog for. 

If you are ever interested in who I blog for you can check out this page right HERE.

Erfe Design - Kef Bookcase

{what next} - Fall Donuts (Fifty Linden Friday), Teatime Tray - Nutmeg, Fiddle Leaf Plant, Pothos Plants,  House Plant - Agave, Malia Lantern #1 - dk brown, Tintable -  Sheer Curtains

KraftWork - Milan Modular Sofa, Shabby Living Decor - TV

[SQUARE ] - Noir Canvas 3d art 1-1

Black . Sand - Men's Military Bag #Brown Leather 

Nutmeg. - Country Rug 


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