Not Like the Brochure

Yeah this is nothing like the brochure. I am not sure this is even the place on the brochure. It looked a lot more vacation spot and less crime scene when I was at the travel agent. 

Actually, does anyone use travel agents any more?

So, I have been doing some more shopping and Danny helped me out big time today when she dragged me over to True Damage to grab the 600L store credit and all I had to do was join the group. Easy as.

I grabbed this jacket/tank combo and the great thing is that I can just wear the tank on its own if I want. I like options.  Great colour choices too.

The pants I grabbed in one of the weekend sales and I was impressed with the amount of stuff for guys in those sales.  When I was last in SL it was rare to find anything. I am wearing the Carlitos Pants -01 from [Elementtare] which were in the Manly Weekend sale.  The three weekend events I found most men-friendly were Happy Weekend, TMD Weekend Sale, and Manly Weekend.  

The shoes I grabbed a couple of weeks back.  They are a group gift from Essential Inventory. You can join the group here or go click on the board. I saw the board at Gabriel so I will give you the LM for that HERE.

The rest are all gifts from the Man Cave event I was telling you about in my last post.  They are:

Glasses:  MARKED - Sunglasses - Holiday Red
Hair:  WINGS-TZ0224-HAIR
Tattoo:  KaoS - Reborn from the Ashes Tattoo (I am showing you more of it this time)

The sim I am on is Hillvale. Creepy.


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