Bit of a Gamble

Now I am not much of a gambler in SL or RL to be honest, but I took a gamble on this photo and it turned out okay so there is that.  Mind you, the dices were loaded with the scenery and the clothes, so there wasn't really too much risk involved.

The jacket and tee, pants and boots are all from LUXE Paris and are the 'I Am Yours Ensemble'.  The tee can be worn without or without a heart and since we are post Valentines Day, I chose the latter.  You can go check out the demo and grab the clothes at SWANK.  Don't take too long though because the round closes soon and you won't want to rick missing it.

Pose:  WRONG - Breathing Animation Male Poses - 107 (Alpha Birthday Gift)

Hairbase:  STRAY DOG - Ben Hairbase - LELUTKA EVOX (Alpha Birthday Gift)

Jewellery:  RAWR! - Flex Rings (Alpha Birthday Gift)

Sim:  Omerta City


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