Club or Bar?

We are going out and we will be having a few drinks.  I will sort an Uber or a taxi and you can pick if you want to go to the club or the bar.  I guess it depends on whether you feel like craft beer and dancing or cocktails and conversation.  In fact, let's do both!  Bar and then club!

Lucky for us we have the option of these two builds from Serenity Style.  I have blogged for this fab store for a while now and I am always impressed with what Hans comes up with and the variety of product styles.

The Town Club Facade set comes with the building, chairs and beer.  This is the perfect building for your town or city sim to add a bit of neon and stone to the vibe.  You can go check out the build at this round of Uber.

The Cafe La Plaza is more than just a facade so you can actually create your bar inside and out.  I have thrown some bar tables and drinks into the scene to show you how easy it is to create your own classy bar with this super cute build as the centrepiece.  The brick wall on the left side even lends itself to adding some trailing plants or your own bar graphics should the mood take you.  Go have a look at the Serenity Style mainstore for this little beauty.


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