Kawaii Kitchen

This is the cutest kitchen I have ever seen!  I mean, look at it.  Everything screams kawaii from the colours to the winking fridge, the smiley toaster, the sleepy microwave, the surprised kettle, the blushing oven, and the happy tray! I would almost be happy to get out of bed if this greeted me every morning.  It would definitely make me smile!

The whole Kawaii Breakfast Fatpack (apart from the rug, chair, squishy cat, and plants) are from Oh Deer! and there are also animations from WetCat to make the set even more gorgeous!  There are even a heap of items in the fatpack to go with the animations so you can wear them and enjoy interacting with the kitchen items. You can go and see it all in all its cutsey glory at Anthem.  

Chair: CHEZ MOI - Jardin Red Stool
Toy Cat:  BackBone - Lucky Cat Plushie- Pink
Plants: SimpleThings - 3Guys Planters


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