Discoveries and a Splurge


My friend, Psy, took me to look at Elorian Gardens. I have been there a long time ago, but had forgotten how beautiful it is. I even managed to find some amazing freebies thanks to Psy! We also met the lovely creator and got to see the brand new underwater area complete with gorgeous caves.

Beforehand I had dragged Psy around Second Life, picking up some goodies as we went, and we both bought hair. Darn you, hair stores!

Pic 1:
Scene: Elorian Gardens - Sim Extension 6 (0L)

Pic 2:
Scene: Elorian Gardens - Sim Extension 4 (0L)

Pic 3:
Scene: Elorian Gardens - Sim Extension 5 (0L)

Pic 4:
Scene: Elorian Gardens - Small World (0L)

Pic 5:
Scene: Elorian Gardens - My Little Refuge (0L)

Pic 6:
Dress: Rotten Toe - Tudor's Dress (Lucky Chair)
Hair: RubisoHo - MIA - Beige (Lucky Chair)

Pic 7:
Dress: Perse - Ludique Dress (Subscribo Gift)

Pic 8:
Tee and Shorts: Butt-err - Booty Shorts and Sing It Loud Tee (Both 0L each)
Hair: Deviant Designs - Keely - Black (MM Board)

Pic 9:
Gown: Michigan's Shack - Chrissy (25L - limited number available so run!)
Hair: Amacci - Lina - Warm Red (Old Lucky Chair Item)

Pic 10:
Dress: D-Designs - Butterfly (MM Board)
Hair: Deviant Designs - Keely - Brown (MM Board)

Pic 11:
Outfit and Backpack: Paradisis - St Patrick's Day (MM Board - I know it has passed, but dang it is cute!)
Hair: Amacci - Lisette - Henna (250L for pack of 5 colours)

Pic 12:
Dress: SYSY's - Black Split Gown (oL)
Hair: Amacci - Nessa - Mahogany (Past Lucky Chair Prize)

Pic 13:
Outfit: Alexohol - Purple Top and Raindrop Leggings and Umbrella (SSH Gift)
Hair: Deviant Designs - Keely - Blonde (MM Board Gift)

Pic 14:
Outfit: Nadas - Belted Leather Pants and Top (0L)
Hair: Deviant Designs - Keely - Blonde (MM Board Gift)

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