Christmas Oranges!?


I finished up my Christmas shopping today (in RL) and it wasn't as busy as I thought it would be. This shopping trip was hard, I had to shop for my niece, nephew, and cousins (all under the age of 10).
I have no clue what they want. What the heck are Zhu-Zhu pets? And WHY do those plastic babies coo when I walk by them!?
Sigh* You'd think it would be easy since I'm still a big kid at heart. :D
I've decided I'm just going to play a big joke and give them oranges. I'm going to get them all excited to unwrap their gifts from me, only to find it's an orange. I can't wait see their faces. This way, when I give them their real gifts, they'll have to like it in comparison to the orange. Or maybe I should do a box of raisins. Any suggestions?

After a long day of shopping for others, it was finally time to shop for ME! My first stop was WoE/EXODI to grab the unisex shirts that are only available today.

Picture 1:

Tops: WoE -Lunden Plaid Shirts (12 Days of Christmas Gift 0L)

Picture 2:

Top: LaRosa - LaRosa Menswear Jacket Brown (Advent Gift 0L)

Picture 3:

Hat & Hair: Zeus - Christmas Gift ( Join KDC Mall Group Gift)
Top: Halcali -Turtle Sweater (Group Gift)

Picture 4:

Top: Limits - Bazingaaaa (Store Gift)

Picture 5:

Top: Eclectic - Turtleneck (Store Gift)

Picture 6:

Hair: Zeus - Y40 (Join Zeus Group Gift)
*Hair scripted to change into 6 different colors*

For information on how to receive our Holiday gift, read our 500th post here.

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