Ah, Sienna!


I know the song is about Vienna, but at least it rhymes! Today I am feeling a bit fae. This could have something to do with the fact that sienna was a hard colour to work out for the Blogger's Colour Challenge. Mister and I had lengthy discussions on what sienna actually is. I mean is it burnt orange, reddish-brown, or what? It also made me realise that Mister and I are lacking in lives if all we have to do is sit around talking about what colour sienna is. Sigh.

I will confess that my idea for this was grunge neko....ok, so it mutated a bit, as often happens. Hope you like.

Dress: Evie's Closet - Apple Tree Fairy
Hair: Bryce Designs - Dexter - Bold Red
Skin: Somapop - O-Lela Skin Natural Smog (Gift in mini hunt on now)
Tattoo: AQ Face Tattoos - Eilidth v2
Harp and Scene: The Epic Toy Factory - Fantasy Series No 2 (SLDGM Hunt Gift - on now)
Background Scene - Purple Pixie Designs - Pandora Like Forest 2010

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  1. This is so pretty!! The colors are absolutely stunning.

  2. i love this Arya.. you rock!

  3. wow you look stunning in this color. stunning!