This week's Blogger Colour Challenge was umber. I am trying to be more organised!

Surprisingly I had umber coloured hair, so that was my starting point. I wish the rest had been as easy. I spent hours going through all my brown, chocolate and tan items to see if any looked 'umberish'. I found this awesome skirt and it became my second part to the outfit. Then came the jacket and boots. All I needed now was a tank/tee to go under the jacket, but I couldn't find anything that looked right. In the end after wandering about SL aimlessly I remembered the dress I blogged earlier and so I improvised and used the top from that. Whew!

BIG thanks to Ani for reminding me of Ange's photo place for the wheat field and the amazing poses!

All Pics:
Hair: KC Hair - Classic Heart - Umber (Closed Store)
Makeup: Amacci - Teeth Tattoo 1
Lashes: aMuse - Bad Karma Lashes
Jacket: Prim & Pixel - Fall Fashion - Mouton
Skirt: Jill - Floral Skirt (Closed Store)
Skin: Glance Skins - Louise (Euphoria Hunt)
Tank: DaMa - Brown Dress - shirt (Part of Dress I blogged earlier - Euphoria Hunt)
Boots: J's - 3Way Engineer Boots - Dark Brown

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  1. SUPER C U T E!!!
    Absolutely adorable,great job on pix.

  2. Thank you! Appreciate the comments