Wild One


Is nice to be wild today.  I needed to get out and have some fun.  I even managed to ride my bike around the track a few times.  I am not a great bike rider but I didn't kill anyone so was all good!  If you want a great place to go ride with some friends, then check out Hollandaise which is the new place for Coyote Bikers.  You can rez your bike (no cars allowed) and have some fun!

My bike is from Adi Cat Designs.  I love it.  It looks so cool and comes with heaps of options for getting the best ride possible.

My hair is from LoQ Hair.  The style is called Fudge and I am wearing the Platinum Colour.  Such a versatile hair.

My Gothic lip and belly piercings are from Fear Us.  These are kept in my inventory and are so great to add some grunge to an outfit.

My outfit is from FireBird Designs for Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room.  It is this great Leather Studded Jacket Outfit in Black.  It comes with the jacket, undershirt, skirt and shoes.  Hardcore!

The shape and skin are called Anneliese and are from Panda Punx.  You will find these both at Stuff in Stock.  I will be wearing these for the next few days to make sure you see how great they are.

My poses today are from Flash Friendly Poses.  I used poses from the 036-040 pack.  

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