Review Policy

If you wish us to blog your items, please send me a notecard inworld that includes the following:

  • Name of your store or event
  • LM to your store, Flickr page or to Marketplace
  • Your blogging expectations
I will try to get back to you ASAP but if you haven't heard from me within a few days, presume that SL has eaten whatever you sent me and PLEASE try again. 

I cannot promise that we will be able to blog your store or items, but I will try and let you know either way. I try not to take on too much as then I am unable to give attention to those we already regularly blog for.

If  I blog for your store or event then you will have a blogger who will do her utmost to promote whatever it is you want me to blog.  I am very loyal to those I blog for!

Blogging Guidelines:
  • I attempt to blog every day.
  • I will try to blog your items or advertise your event as soon as possible but sometimes RL happens!
  • I may not post everything that is sent to us as it may not suit the ethos of our blog.  For example I won't post photos that are overtly sexual and will not promote smoking in any way.
  • I will not post anything that shows parts or violence against animals eg animal heads, tusks etc.  I know it is only pixels, but I will not promote anything that condones the senseless killing of wildlife.
  • I take the issue of copyright seriously so do not be offended if we refuse items to blog on the grounds of copyright.  I WILL NOT be seen to be okaying blatant copyright infringements.
I have the following avatar accessories:

Arya - 
All SLink hands and feet as well as Maitreya Mesh Body and GA:EG Barbara, LAQ Neve and Akeruka Elen Bento heads.

Look forward to hearing from you!