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What Can I Get You?

What can I get you?  A coffee, herbal tea, wheatgrass, or a milkshake? Wise choice.  Milkshake it is.  Give me a minute.  I will whip one up for you.  Chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla?  Strawberry it is.   While I make that for you, take a seat.   This stunning kitchen is the Wonder Kitchen Set from Erfe Design . The set includes the Bar, Barstools, Kitchen Cabinet, Long Cabinet, Plant, and Upper Cupboard.  I love that I can move the bits around to suit the kitchen space.  Makes it so easy to work with. I added a few bits and pieces for effect but this kitchen even looks amazing on its own. The Milkshake Maker and Vanilla Milkshake Serving are from {what next} .  The milkshake maker is colour change and you can choose your flavour of milkshake as decor or a hold version. There is even a PBR version in the pack if you have a PBR viewer.  The decor items in the cabinet do not come with the set. Bloom! Originals - Deso kitchen 2 Green [Kres] - Critter Clocks - Kitty v2 BROKEN AROWS - A

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