I am sorry about the title.  I just wanted to make a clever word with Expo in it.  It is to let you know that I have more Home and Garden Expo items for your viewing pleasure.  The Expo is only a couple of days away from finishing, so if you haven't been over...


Still, you have some time to get yourself over to peruse the sims and grab up some amazing new stuff.  Perfect time to redecorate or even to get a new house altogether!

[CIRCA] - Orbit House

Plant, Ladder, Accessories and Cushions: [CIRCA] - Ocean Traveller Set.
Picture:  [CIRCA] - Picture Aquarium

Spargel and Shine - Sandalwood Sofa Set

[CIRCA] - Muskoka - Deck Sitting Set 


I Know You Want It

A friend of mine had this fun idea to do a picture inspired by Robin Thicke's new song, "Blurred Lines."

To be honest, I could've done a picture, but I was lazy and I hated the angles I took my pictures at. Instead, I'm going to post the pictures that the two lovely ladies took. I mean, who can really compete with their talent? My picture just wouldn't have done them any justice.

To know what they're wearing click on the pictures to go to their blogs!

What I'm wearing

Jacket: Kal Rau - Casual Blazer

Shirt: Hoorenbeek -Suit Shirt w/Ties

Pants: Kauna@ May's Fameshed - 3 piece suit /trousers black

Hair: Taketomi- Jirou


Sunshine and Happiness

There is nothing like sunshine to make you feel happy and relaxed.  There is also nothing like a beachhouse and awesome furniture to help you with the relaxing process.

Yes, it is all from the Home and Garden Expo, and yes it is amazing.  If you have a beachside property then you are going to have to get on over to the Expo and grab! While you are over there make sure you have a good wander through all the sims.

PS.  All my clothing today is from Acid Lily - Lavanda Chic, Leri Miles Designs, CandyMetal.  Hair is from Ploom.

Hanging Seat:  L'aize Dayz - Hanging Palette Sofa 
Plants:  Organica - Mesh Tulips (Potted)

Raft:  PRIME - Hope Float
Plants:  Organica - Amazon Lily

Patio Set:  La Galleria - Hostess Patio Set for 4 - White Wicker

Furniture Set:  Atelier Visconti - Epoque Set
Furniture Set:  La Galleria - White Wicker and Floral Seating
Furniture:  Chiana Oh - Coastal Futon Set, Lonesome Pine (Ladder Shelves)
Bedroom Set:  Cleo Design - Breakfast n Bed
House and Pool:  PrimTique - Modern Beach House and Outdoor Wading Pool


In Memory

Decided to do a picture to commemorate Fallen Heroes, Veterans, and those who are currently Active Duty. I would like to say Thank You for all that you've done and currently do.
So, today I'm sporting a bit of red, white, and blue to show some Nation pride.
To find out what the ladies are wearing and the pose, please go to Harper's blog HERE!

What I'm wearing:
Top: Kal Rau - Casual Blazer
Pants: Gizza- Cotton Pants/White
Hair: Taketomi- Jirou Black


More Expo Excitement

I am glad Mister blogged some clothing and fashion items because then it doesn't make me feel guilty for blogging more Home and Garden Expo items.  Yay, Mister!

I have some doozie items for you today.  Call it a home and contents extravaganza!

I love blogging houses and this one from [bauwerk] is no exception.  I rezzed it and automatically loved the design, from the grey and brown tones to the Japanese-styled garden and even the irregular hexagon shape in the door!  This house is different and I love it.

House:  [bauwerk] - The Voronoi House

Plants:  Persnickity - Hanging Petunias on Post, Pots of Ivy

Of course, with this modern-styled home I needed to find some furniture that went with.  I was lucky to find some great pieces that blended in nicely.

Table and Seating:  [bauwerk] - RFL Dinnerset - Bleached Wood
Items on Table:  [bauwerk] - Wooden Bowl, Vase with Branches (Items sold separately)

Cabinet:  [bauwerk] - Wooden Cabinet - Bleached
Items on Top:  [bauwerk] - Decorative Art Books 1 and 2 (stack and standing), Decorative Jar, Wood Duck 1 (items sold separately)
Shelf:  [Park Place] - Fire Escape Shelf with Accessories

Second Spaces - Shabby Coffee Table, Bennie Small Chest - White Pack (both in pack), Messy Bookshelf
Vase:  %Percent - Pitcher of Tulips - Peach

Second Spaces - Honeycomb Wall Art, Bennie Small Chest - Light Green Pack
Shelves:  Chiana Oh - DIY Shelves
Beanbags:  L'aize Dayz - Retro Bean Bags

Bench:  Katy's Kreations - Bianca Kitchen Island
Stools, Table and Rack:  Second Spaces - Bullseye Stools - White, Industrial Bakers Rack, Caster Table - Havana

Chair and Lamp:  Kuro -  Leather Armchair and Bell Lamp - Black and White (RFL Items)
Picture:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Butterfly Lake

Chairs and Table:  [bauwerk] - Deckchairs and Side Table - Red Wood


Her Favorite Song

Fi Friday has another round of great items for the dudes.
As always, all things are 55L so there's no excuse not to look good this week.

Don't forget the Home & Garden Expo is up and running for a short time. Check out Arya's posts to see all the great stuff that's out there!

Top: Fe Style @ Fi Friday - Red & Blue/ Hoodie with shirt and Undershirt
Bottoms: Retro @ Fi Friday - Swing Pants Black
Hair: Taketomi - Jirou Blacks


On the Veranda

Spring is a lovely time to sit on the deck/patio/veranda and enjoy the sunshine.  Of course the BEST time to do this in SL is during the Home and Garden Expo, cos by then you would have been shopping and your outside area is looking FAB!

I have some items that will get you running to the Expo for a spring spend-up!

Patio Set - {what next} - Garden Cafe Table and Chair Set - White

Bench:  Robyn (Sojourner) Wood - Potting Bench Shabby
Pot Plant:  Persnickity - Potted Dandelions (Hunt Item)

Bench - Tranquil Homes - The Adele Bench

Well:  Soul Effects - Wishing Well with Yellow Vintage Flowers

Tree:  *Akaesha Designs* - *-ReACT-* - Romantic Tree

Make sure you check out the Expo maps etc through the link above and while you are on the website have a look at the entertainment available throughout this event.


Pretty in Pink at Home and Garden Expo 2013

I am SUPER excited!!  I know I get excited a lot but, as you well know, I get very excited about certain things in SL, and one of those things is the annual Home and Garden Expo.  It is very close to beginning and I am counting the hours!  Roll on May 24th!

Today I have some of the awesome items you will get to see at the Expo.   All of these photos are taken inside a stunning cottage from Dorian Meredith. It is called the Hope Cottage and is the perfect beginning to this Relay for Life Event which raises money to bring HOPE to many who have been affected by cancer in some way.

"Bringing together over 100 exhibitors of the very best homes, gardens, landscaping and interior design products in Second Life, plus an additional 30 creators from the ever popular breedables sector in the second annual Breedables Fair, the Home & Garden Expo for Relay For Life 2013 is a fundraising event not to be missed.

The Expo is an annual highlight for those that love seeking out the latest home and garden products and combined with a full entertainment schedule, hunts, raffles and silent auctions plus items designed just for this event - you can be sure of finding stylish new products to give your home a fresh look."
Persia Bravin - Expo PR Coordinator

Dreamscapes Art Gallery - *Charlotte* Daybed and Chair, Pouffe Pink
Lovers Playground - Mesh Pillow with Sleeps
 Cobblestone - Sunshine Pictures Square 
 Dreamscapes Art Gallery - *Shutter* Paravent Pink 
NACH - Candle Decoration
ChiC Buildings - Books and Wine
Dreamscapes Art Gallery - *Fleur* Chair Blush with Blanket, *Fleur* Set - Chaise, Flower Pot and Flower Signage
 Shabby Tabby - Pretty Girl Table
Make sure you circle this Expo on your calendar and get yourself along to view all the amazing items.  Remember, last year was just the beginning of mesh, so just imagine what they have created this time!


In the Rain

I do like standing in the rain.  It is refreshing.  I like the feel of the raindrops on my skin.  I am also a big kid cos I will stand in the rain and open my mouth and catch droplets on my tongue.

It felt like a nice day to enjoy the rain in SL too.  The best thing about SL rain is that I don't have to dry off after or get warm!

Today's items in the rain are brought to you by The 100 Block!

Outfit:  :{F.A.D}: - Scene Girl - Full Outfit
Skin:  [Mystic Canvass] - Anabella Skin - Smoulder
Tattoo:  [ZENTRO] - Exclusive Tattoo
Hair:  Uw.st - Sepia Hair - Black

Dress:  Somnia - Velveteen Dress - Black
Boots:  Pink Acid - Clonker Boots - Black

Dress:  [Pretty Liar] - Blocked Maxi Dress - PurpleGreen
Lipstick:  Pink Acid - Plumped Lippy - Purple

Hoodie:  (epia) - Army Hoodie
AngelRED - Mesh Kacy Jeans - Dirty Wash
Boots:  Ducknipple - Natas Boots - Skulls


Once I Throw On This, It's Over Girl

Man, I was on a roll for awhile with posting/blogging, but then RL started to get all crazy again. How dare it!

Anyways, enough of that, I'm going to jump right into this. I love these new hats from DECO, they're perfect to keep me cool during these hot summer days. To match it, I'm wearing the new tops from Ispachi,
You can wear the top with or without the long sleeves. The best part is that it comes with an HUD for an assortment of different textures! Ispachi rocks with their options.

Now excuse me, I've got to fix up this truck and finish the yard!

Hat: DECO @ the mens dept- MESH Ratty Ball Cap
Tops: Ispachi@ Boutique- Mesh Rebellion Double layered Shirt


Coffee Required

It was definitely a day for coffee.  Been a long one.  So, this gave me the inspiration for coffee and fashion today.  A great combo.

Today is all about some new items from some fav designers of mine.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

It is also a chance for me to have a wee rant.  If you just want to skip ahead and enjoy the fashion, then do so now, but if you like a bit of a read, then carry on!


I was out and about shopping yesterday when I came to a store where some others were gathered.  While I waited for things to rez, I happened to glance at the local chat and was appalled to see someone complaining about the item that was put out on sale.

I tped out of there after viewing the item and, while I didn't purchase the item as it wasn't for me, the attitude of the 'customer' bothered me.

Firstly, this designer takes time to make these items.  I have watched designers doing their thing and I know the time and effort that goes into making the things that we buy.

Secondly, the stores do not HAVE to offer us reduced items.  They do it because they want to and it brings people to their stores.

Thirdly, when people like Miss Whiney complain like that it affects the rest of us who appreciate the effort sale items.  Sure, the item wasn't my thing either, but I am sure it was for many.  I am just hoping that particular designer doesn't hear about the shocking attitude of ONE and pull out of this particular event, because that would suck.

When I go looking at items I have a choice to buy it if I like it, or not.  Sometimes items grab me and I grab them.  Sometimes the items don't interest me, and that is ok. No one forces me to buy anything.  However, I do NOT stand around and moan and complain to all in my hearing.  That is just rude.  My grandmother used to say, "If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing."  Wise advice.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


I would like to use this space to say thank you to all the designers who put out items for 50L Friday, 60L Weekend etc etc week after week.  I, for one, appreciate your effort and that I can buy items at a VERY reduced price.  Keep up the fabulous work!

Hair is from Truth, skin is from Tuli and poses are from Glitterati and Focus Poses.

Outfit:  Pure - Melissa Romper Green Floral (New Item)

Dress:  Pure - Alicia Zipper Dress - Teal Floral  (New Item)

Top:  KosmO - Ladies Open Neck - Pink Flavour  (New Item)
Skirt:  Leri Miles Designs - Piper Shorts - Cotton Candy (Garage Fair)

Dress:  Senzafine - Chloe Babydoll Dress - Antique (New Item)